After reading a lot of journals from the scratch and doing a quite hard research over the different fields in which each country dominates the others in the world, we have zeroed down overselves with 10 top most powerful nations of the world. As being a human then the most satisfied one from this post will be the person whose country will be named first on the list but instead of being frustrated you can leave a comment or share this post with your friends so that you can receive more opinions over the post that might satisfy you.
The list of 10 most powerful countries is inspired from some of the dominating factors like a nation’s economical and political status, army power, its young population, natural resources and the most important one is its nuclear arms.

1.    United States of America: With a monstrous economy of around $14 trillion, the United States of America is the world’s largest and most powerful nation of the world whose total economical power is the one-fourth of world’s total GDP. Powerful military forces, on which the US was spent about $700 billion in 2009, the sum more than that the whole world spent collectively on their army cantonments. Apart from it, US is also collaborated with other powerful nations around the world like Colombia, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, South Korea, Israel and Japan. US is also a permanent member of United Nation Council, moreover being a native for world’s most reputed and forwarding IT firms like Google Inc., Apple, Microsoft etc., US left other countries a far behind it in number of sector those matters a lot for any country to be a most rigid nation.
With the population point of view, it has the world’s third biggest population of around 308 million people, US stashes about 2,468 nuclear weapons.
2.    China: Now it would not be much wrong to declare China as the 2nd most powerful nation of world as it claims a Nett turnover of around $5.7 trillion, which is the world’s 2nd biggest economy and next factor is its rapidly improving army quality on which China spends around $80 billion yearly. Apart from it, the nation has number of natural resources and also it making up its navy forces which it claims to be the world’s largest and strangest navy forces.
Another factors which manages the China to be at number 2nd in the list are it biggest population of 1.3 billion, it alliance with powerful alliance like Vietnam, North Korea, Burma and Laos etc, also it has a permanent seat at the United Nation Security Council and expected to be world’s biggest economy till 2050 with $38 trillion GDP.
3.    Russian Federation: Once world’s most powerful nation, the Russia is the world largest country which covers about ninth part of Earth’s land surface, also it comes on 9th number when counts for its population in the world. Russia stores the world’s most of the natural resources like minerals, energy resources, 1/4th of the world’s freshwater, but due to its poorness and inability to utilize such resources properly, the nation is still on its way to recovering its economical status. Being an partner of Azerbajan, Belarus, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, the Russia also shares a permanent membership at United Nation Security Council. Competing with US, the nation also has a large collection of nuclear weapons that has enough capacity to destroy whole earth also is has the 5th biggest military budget of around $61 billion.

4.    France: With its membership at UNSC, France is also backed by a huge stash of nuclear arms which makes it the most powerful country in Africa continent. France has world’s fifth largest turnover of about $2.6 trillion. The country is also an integral member of European Union (EU) which offers the nation an additional power, which keeps it enable to maintain regional and border environment peaceful and really under control. Via its alliance with Germany in EU, France is emerging with a stronger economy and political power. For its nuclear collection, it keeps around 300 nuclear arms which make it, the world’s 3rd biggest nuclear power with a fully fledged and well trained army forces on which France spends across $67 billion.

5.    United Kingdom: UK’s affect over around the whole world is not avoidable as its language, culture and ruling patterns are still visible in number of countries like India. With a $2.1 trillion GDP, the British nation is world’s 6th largest economical power. Its capital London which claims of being the home of the headquarters of more than 100 of largest companies based in Europe. In addition, UK contains world’s second largest aerospace workshop after USA.  Its collection of nuclear arms figures around the total of around 225, in NATO, UK has the 2nd largest share of air force and navy forces, and first one in EU.

6.    India: India is a second populous country of world with 1.2 billion persons, going with the current rate of population increase, it will leg China behind by the end of 2025 and will be the world most populous country of world. Due to its, large population , India still nit able to fulfill the basic needs of its citizens then what can we say about the people living in the remote areas.
Though, according to the estimations, by the end of 2050, India will be the 3rd biggest economy in the world with GDP of across $37 trillion which currently figures around 1.2 billion. Despite of its, poorness and lack of proper and trustworthy ruling system, India spends about India spends about 36 billion per year on its army forces.
Adopting the latest technologies and being graceful, the Indian military forces are showing more interest in military space program and involved themselves to develop some missiles for their defense shield. Ranked in between the top 30 arms exporters, India is the world’s largest arms importer which mainly imports 70% of its arms from Israel, Russia and the USA.

7.    Japan: Despite of its lack in the natural resources, Japan mange itself at the 3rd rank in the list of world richest countries with the Nett turnover of around $5.2 trillion. The country was being badly affected by the nuclear attacks made by America in Hiroshima and Nagasaki of it during the Second World War.
With the official strength of 46,000 with 110 warships, 18 submarines, 2 helicopter carriers and 47 destroyers, 29 mine warfare ships, 9 patrol craft, 179 fixed-wing aircraft, 9 amphibious ships and 135 helicopters, Japan has very strong and powerful military plus navy force. Also it shares, a non permanent membership at UNSC with a military budget of around $46 billion.
8.    Germany: With a population of around 81.8 million, Germany bears the title of being most populous state of the EU. Apart from it, the Germany is a reputed member of NATO, UN, G8, OECD and G20. Being the fourth largest economy with an economy of $3.3 trillion, Japan is the 2nd largest exporter whose export was of about $1.120 trillion in 2009. Its collaboration with France enables it to have a big economically and politically share in the European Union. German Army has 200,500 soldiers, 300,000 participate in defense services and deployments abroad, the nation spends $48 billion, on its Armed Forces annually.

9.    Brazil: Being the world’s 5th largest country with the population of about 190 million and a nett turnover of around $11.3 trillion, Brazil is the world’s 8th richest country. Brazil have its respectable membership in the G20, Latin Union, CPLP and the Ibero-American States, like Russia, the Brazil is also has enormous natural resources. With 371,199 employs at its armed forces, Brazil has the largest armed force of Latin America and it spends $27 billion on its military forces which makes it the world’s 12th biggest nation in terms of military expenditure.

10.    Italy: Italy comes 5th in Europe for its 60.4 million population and the 23rd most populous in the world. Like France, Italy also a member NATO, G8 and G20 and. The country has a GDP worth $2.1 trillion which names it to be the world’s 7th largest economy. Being rich for its military and cultural affairs. It comes on number 9 in whole world for its military budget of around $37 million, which has strength of about 308,000 soldiers.


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